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a SIN CITY story.

welcome to sin city.
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this town beckons to the tough, the corrupt, the brokenhearted.

"You son of a bitch," Kaoru spat out, and the permanent smirk on the redhead across him grew wider. "You finally got that right," Die drawled, stepping forward in two, quick strides to close the distance between them. Kaoru realizes then; he cannot hate this man any more than he does at that moment, but amidst everything else, the questions, the lack of answers, the incorrigible trail that seemingly leads to nowhere; right now, there is no one else left to trust.

- -

"I was supposed to kill you." Reita's whisper was quiet but clear, his voice slicing through the air like a bullet. Ruki didn't dare wince – barely moved – as Reita cocked the loaded pistol in his hand and took a long drag of his cigarette. "Why didn't you?" the blonde asked, straining to keep his voice from quivering. Reita's glazed eyes narrowed, always at the ready to kill like the animal he was…but his touch on Ruki's shoulder was gentle. He didn't answer; he never answered, and that wasn’t going to change. Instead, he looked out the window, the lights of the city stretching before him. "Die said some things are worse than death."

Reita paused. "But something in Sin City smells foul."


created by:

ra' | decomposition – graphics/storyline
adrienne | decadentrebel - storyline/art
mirella | moliv - head artist
jeny | civilized_era – storyline/art



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part two - 60% complete
timeline - 80% complete
current tasks - part two, scripts, filling plotholes,
character interactions & scenes, soundtrack, official trailer.

note: DiexKaoru is the central pairing of this story, but the rest of Dir en grey, along with the members of Gazette, will also be playing key characters. Others in the Jrock/Kpop fandom will be making various cameos, so keep an eye out for them. Updates will occur as often and quickly as possible, so please join this community to keep track of the latest part.

disclaimer: 'The Wicked Lie' is a DiexKaoru-centric AU (Alternate Universe) multimedia fiction project in the making, based on Frank Miller's Sin City. Full credit is given to Mr. Miller for the original concepts, characters, and storylines of Sin City, but the 'The Wicked Lie', which is a separate compilation, is a work of Real-Person Slash, which means it depicts real people engaged in completely fictional situations. 'The Wicked Lie' is not authorized, affiliated, or endorsed by the bands Dir en grey and Gazette. No money is being made, so no infringement is intended. 'The Wicked Lie' is © decomposition, decadentrebel, moliv, and civilized_era 2006.

credits: decomposition for the community's layout and all manipulations.